View Full Version : scanning thru a song 7.3

2008-12-21, 15:11

Not sure, but it seems like I used to be able to fast forward or reverse inside of a track. I am using cue/wave files. When I try this now the transporter says it can't scan thru a track on a remote computer.

Also noticed that when I skip around song on an album 7.3 will play the first few seconds of the first track before it jumps to the song I want.

If scanning inside of tracks isn't a current feature will it be one in the future?


2008-12-21, 15:34
FF/RW isn't working in podcasts or listen again radio in 7.3 but is working for me with mp3 files and FLAC.


It may be that wav and/or cue (more likely cue) are also affected. It's a bug and will hopefully be fixed.