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2008-12-21, 13:16
Read that it is possible to use the iPod touch with a plug in as remote control. Since I have one I would like to buy only the receiver and use the i-touch as remote (to save some money). However, it seems like it is necessary to use the "real" remote in order to set up the receiver to the network.

Anyone who knows if that is the case or if it is possible to only buy the SB receiver and only use the i-touch?

Any info is welcome!

2008-12-21, 16:00
Take a look at this current thread for possible solution:



2008-12-21, 16:17
Or this thread:

You can find the plugin here:

There's a (free) plugin (iPeng 0.5.3) which will provide a web interface for your iPod touch to use through mobile Safari.
Plus there's a (commercial) native application for the iPod touch (iPeng 1.0) that is available through the App Store.

Generally speaking: the plugin has more functionality while the application is much faster and has a better usability.
There are also other commercial applications for the iPod touch.
You could have a look at the "iPhone" related threads in the "General" forum.

2010-10-01, 02:43
good discussion.

After you seem to dig for iPeng, how about starting with the latest thread ;)