View Full Version : Bought my duet on Ebay

2008-12-21, 12:40
Hello, I bought my duet on ebay, and I didn't receive a user manual or anything of the sorts. Is there one online I can DL? If not a couple simple questions. The colors on the receiver mean? White = connected? Blue = connected with no library? Red = no connection?

2008-12-21, 12:57
Right at the top of this forum, you see support, and then under that you will find Documentation where you can find PDF version of the manuals. Also, under Community, there is a link to a wiki with lots more info if you get stuck or just want to explore more.

Enjoy your new Duet. I've had mine a few months, and still don't know what the colors means without looking them up. ;-)

2008-12-21, 19:44
For what its worth, a very brief quick start guide is all that comes in the retail product.. And lots.. And lots.. And LOTS of protective plastic on EVERYTHING. With tape.