View Full Version : Problems switching between SC & SN

2008-12-21, 03:26
I have had a Duet for a while and have no problems using it with my PC running SC. However if I try to switch to SN it usually all goes pear shaped.

1) Firstly EVERY time I switch between SN and SC it decides to update Firmware - Why? Surely the same firmware should do both.

2) Often when using SN my controller looses connection to, and control of the Reciever. The latter carries on playing the last radio station selected and is unstoppable without using the button on the front. The Controller just keeps failing to connect to anything - Squeezebox or Squeezenetwork, and just shows the abreviated menu. The only way I can get things going again is to completely reset the Reciever and going through the set up routine.

There must be an easier way?

2008-12-21, 04:29
I can answer nr 1. this is because your SqueezeCenter is old.

The same firmware works from both places if SC is up to date.

Firmware versions on controller and all players is tied to a specific SC version.
Controller firmware change pretty often player firmware not so often but it does change.

So it upgrades when you connect to SN and downgrades when you connect to your local SC.

2008-12-22, 03:52
Thanks Mynb, updated SC to 7.3 and now switching smoothly. Perhaps my other problem will go away as well now?

It would be a good idea if SC either updated itself automatically, or prompted an update when a new version became available. How many people are running with an old version and hence living with the repeated "updating firmware" issue??