View Full Version : Rhapsody Error - SC or Rhapsody Problem?

2008-12-20, 21:40
Hi -- Im using SC 7.3.1 - 24367 -- and some of my Rhapsody tracks, when they do decide to work -- will play several in succession, followed by one that comes with no audio.. Turning up the logging on Rhapsody, I am getting the following in my logs when it happens:

[08-12-20 23:29:55.0552] Slim::Plugin::RhapsodyDirect::Plugin::rpds_handler (309) 00:04:20:xx:xx:xx Got RPDS packet: \"e"
[08-12-20 23:29:55.0634] Slim::Plugin::RhapsodyDirect::Plugin::rpds_handler (320) 00:04:20:xx:xx:xx Rhapsody decoding failure: code 101

Is this a Rhapsody issue or is it an issue with SC? When it does happen, my controller increments the track playing time and shows a time remaining that doesnt make sense, like -59:45 which counts backwards.. If I use the skip track button on my SBC, I can usually get the next track to play again.. Its very similar to what happens to me on Tivo with Rhapsody when songs just stop playing and it eventually dumps me out, so I suspect its a Rhapsody issue.


2008-12-21, 00:27
It's a Rhapsody problem.

See: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=55984