View Full Version : Adding station to Alien BBC

2008-12-20, 10:44
Can someone please explain how to add the following station to Alien BBC in Squeezecenter 7.3:


This is the stream used by real player for WSOU.

thank you

2008-12-20, 13:15
With Alien installed, you should be able to add this stream to favorites and get it to play - go the the main web page, expand favorites and click the edit icon to allow you to add a new entry.

Mark Miksis
2008-12-20, 13:23
You should also be able to play it via Radiotime and add it to favorites from there.

2008-12-22, 14:34
When I try to put it into the favorites. I get the following error:

"There was an error loading the remote feed for: (Invalid XML feed)"

Can someone verify that this URL will work with alienbbc:


and how do to get it to play? I tried with radiotime presets. It plays, but it tends to drop the connection. I would rather play it straight through alienbbc.


2008-12-22, 15:09
Paste the URL into the Tune-in box and it should play.

While it is playing you can then save it to Favorites as one of the option about the Playing details. I think this should bypass the XML check you encountered.

Alternatively try adding the true URL below into favorites

2008-12-28, 09:21
You should be able to add .rpm urls to favorites - the issue with this site is that it does not set the content type for the rpm file correctly so squeezecenter thinks it is a non audio file.

Hopefully the work around which Bryan posted works ok for you?