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2008-12-20, 05:27
Logitech will be no different to other manufacturers: they don't announce new products till they announce new products.

But rumours? Any rumours?

What would I want?

I am generally very happy with my SB3 playing into a Beresford DAC directly driving an updated Quad 405-2, but would like to play the few files I have that are higher resolution than 16/44.1, and I can see some advantage in having the chip that receives the stream from the network and the DAC chip in the same box.

Yes, a transporter will do this, even if 24/96 may now be looking ungenerous. It will do it at a price and with some engineering I don't want. I have a small laptop on the coffee table next to me in the lounge, and the IR remote sits on the arm of the chair - reaching for one or the other does all I want, and any fancy display in the SB is just an unnecessary distraction.

What would I want? A high quality black plastic consumer box with a display not much more complex than the SB3, abilty to process better than 24/96, a DAC as least as good as my Beresford, extra switchable digital inputs, and maybe even an analogue input, which would necessitate a high quality analogue volume control - and all for 500.

Do I have a chance?

2008-12-20, 06:03
>Do I have a chance? <

Surely Logitech have the audio-only options covered well enough.

But they've nothing in the video market...

2008-12-20, 06:06
You answered your own question in the first sentence.
If there was a rumour or small announcementette of a future product, it would kill off part of the current market.

2008-12-20, 07:44
History lesson :-)


this is dreaded by all company's

I assume somebody will put an axe to the server hosting this forum 0.0001 seconds after any rumors occur.

2008-12-20, 08:05
I'd be happy to start a rumor: A future product will be a set of high-quality headphones with a receiver built in, controllable (of course) via the SBC or browser interface. Yes, I know you can "get this now" by using the SBC itself with the headphone jack, but it means monopolizing the controller, which is not really convenient for carrying in a pocket anyway, and it also means having a wire running up your head, and buying separate headphones. Put the whole thing in one convenient package, I say: put the headphones on, and you're wireless, don't have to deal with "Where do I hang the controller?" while you move around, and can leave the controller for others to control other SBs. It becomes sort of like a Boom you wear on your head. When you're not using them, put the headphones on their rack to recharge (like existing wireless headphones). Set the price point somewhere in the neighborhood of a Boom; I'd buy 'em. And voila: a rumor is born, spun from whole cloth, woven out of nothing but thin air.

But it's still a product I'd like to have.

2008-12-20, 08:50
bonze wrote:
> You answered your own question in the first sentence.
> If there was a rumour or small announcementette of a future product, it
> would kill off part of the current market.

Nearly everyone remembers Osborne Computers.

Pat Farrell

2008-12-20, 11:05
>Do I have a chance? <

My guess - no.

As for Osborne, I remember them as one of the first companies in Silicon Valley that seemingly spent as much attention on hype as on its products. Both efforts failed, independently and together. In a town with too many humorless engineers, people viewed them as being flaky and unsubstantive.

The effect of new product (announcements and releases) killing old product sales was not invented or created in the consumer electronics sector.