View Full Version : SC 7.3-24282 SBC will not update

2008-12-20, 04:56

Just installed SC 7.3-24282 (official download) on my SC PC. No problems.


my SBC will not update the firmware. It is still running 7.2 r3191

When trying "Home - Settings - Advanced - Software Update"

SBC says:
Updated software is available
for this remote. It may take a
few minutes to update to
version ?.

I press "Begin update >"

I get the spinning balls, and the text
"Copying Update"

After that

"Update failed"
"Try again >"

This is not the first I have problems to update
the software in the SBC.

Please what am I doing wrong ?

EDIT 1: Just saw this in my server.log

[08-12-20 11:31:39.1564] Slim::Utils::Firmware::downloadAsyncError (534) Warning: Firmware: Failed to download http://update.squeezenetwork.com/update/firmware/7.3/jive_7.3_r3476.bin.sha (Connect timed out: Bad file descriptor), will try again in 10 minutes.

EDIT 2: Re-booted SC PC (and therefore also restarted SC), update works after.

Maybe the update firmware function in SBC needs a little cleaning up ?


2008-12-23, 08:48
I experienced exactly the same issue, and a reboot of the machine corrected it as well.

Thanks for the tip!

I'm running 7.3 on an HP MediaSmart Server (WHS).