View Full Version : SB3 display weirdness after 7.3

2008-12-19, 13:47
After upgrading to 7.3 from 7.2: the display on my SB3
is acting strange. When playing radio streams, either
a frozen clock is displayed (even though the setting is
for "now playing" to display), or, if previously a library
track was playing, the title info for that track keeps scrolling
even though the track has long been deleted from the playlist.

Before this, radio streams used to display the station title
as they should. I did do a factory reset and all that, with
no help. In addition, there appears to be a problem with the clock display
freezing with an empty playlist, although I can't verify this since
it is intermittent.

Is anyone else seeing the same behvior?
Also: is there a way to flush the buffer of the SB3 using
the SC? Maybe that would help.