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2008-12-19, 10:37
I posted a thread in the beginner forum asking about switching to SC using a Mac instead of a PC (I was worried how well it would run on a Mac). I got no nibbles, so last night I went ahead and did it. Because of the location of computers in our household it makes the most sense to have it on the kitchen Mac. I downloaded SC 7.3 onto the Mac and with a few glitches got it running.
What a difference! I dont know if its the computer location, new SC version, or the Mac platform, but all of a sudden this thing works the way I always hoped it would. Channels don't cut out, icons work etc etc. I set up an SC button on the Safari tool bar and now my wife even runs it!

Mick Seymour
2008-12-20, 02:25
This Squeeze stuff really is the coolest way to play music.

2008-12-20, 20:07
I had a similar experience when I moved the hosting of squeezecenter to a Linux machine from a Windows XP machine. Gone are the intermittent pauses in the UI on the SB3. Also gone are the random incidents of squeezecenter stopping.

Glad to hear that moving to a MAC platform had a similar effect for you.