View Full Version : SBD with Audiosource amp???

2008-12-19, 09:50
I just connected my Duet to an Audiosource AMP-210. Should that work, or should I be using an additional pre-amp? I need the SBD volume on max, the Audiosource master level on max and the volume trim on max, just to get anything audible. I'd suspect my cabling, were it not for the fact that it's childs-play.

Anyone bail me out with ideas?

One thing - I'm noticing the amp isn't reliably switching itself on from the line signal-sensing, which it's supposed to do (and reliably, with the AMP-210).


2008-12-19, 14:42
I have similar setup with a SB Classic (SB3) and AudioSource amp. If the SB3 volume is too low, the automatic sensing on hte AudioSource doesn't respond. Make sure the volume on the SB Receiver is up (should be a setting on the controller, or can adjust from the Web Browser interface to SqueezeCenter).
If that doesn't work, make sure that you get volume from another source (do you have CD player you can plug in?). You should be able to isolate to the amp, cable, or SB Receiver.
Good Luck!