View Full Version : Extension Downloader and no Internet Connection

2008-12-18, 17:10
One of my Squeezeboxes is in a holiday shack with no Internet connection - the server is next to the TV and is connected via cat5 to a cheap wireless router/switch and the SB3 sits on the amp next to the fireplace. New music is added via usb external disk. I am about to upgrade this server to SC 7.3 and have run into a minor problem - if the server is not connected to the Internet it cannot download the plugins available via the Extension Downloader.
Would the plugin authors please continue to make their plugins available in the usual way to save people like me wondering through /repo.xml files looking for links.

2008-12-19, 08:10
If you open a repo.xml link with your browser, you can look at the xml and find the download links for the plugins. You can probably also go to the web sites, but this is a fall back that should always work.