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2008-12-18, 16:30
Hi, has anyone had any success installing any of the applets from here (http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/SqueezePlay_Applets) onto their controller? I thought it would be fun to have tetris so I downloaded it, put it in the plugins folder and restarted SC as per the instructions. However, when I go to the applet installer on the controller the applets are not shown - what am I doing wrong!? I'm using SC7.3 with latest firmware.
Thanks, Doug

2008-12-18, 18:16
I don't think that installation method works in 7.3 and later. The RetroBrowser applet works with 7.3 because it's in the new Extension Downloader, but apparently the others have not been integrated yet.

2008-12-19, 04:00
Thanks Sue, looks like this could be a bug, or at least out-of-date documentation? Do you know if the manual install method would still work via SSH?

2008-12-19, 10:38
I only tried RetroBrowser. I was able to install it the SSH way, but then it didn't work. Triode updated it to get it working again and added it to the Ext. Dl'r at the same time. (see http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=55354&highlight=retrobrowser)

I couldn't say if other applets would work if installed that way. You might want to start a thread naming the specific applet you are trying to use.

Either way, that wiki page should probably be updated.

2008-12-19, 14:20
OK, a little bit of research has been done...
Using the manual SSH method, only Tetris works. Invaders and Snake both show on the menu but don't start and Gravity doesn't even show up on the menu.

2008-12-20, 10:28
same experiences with me:
No Snake, Gravity,Tetris working.
And-after new upgrades of SC they are out of the menu again...

2009-01-02, 14:28
The problem is there is a bug in a library used by Invaders -- namely the audio. So when Invaders etc. start, they crash when setting up the sound effects. I posted a version of invaders at www.wellbaby.org/squeeze that disables the audio and works just fine. It's even kinda fun!