View Full Version : server died on shoutcast plugin (5.1.5)

2004-04-23, 11:59
I've too been experiencing the same issue (XP-SP1+patch+patch+patch+....),
but only on trying to change to a different shoutcast station. In the App
event log I spotted:

The following information is part of the event: Magic number
checking on storable file failed at ..\..\lib\Storable.pm (autosplit into
...\..\lib\auto\Storable\fd_retrieve.al) line 341, at
M:\SlimServer\server/Plugins/ShoutcastBrowser.pm line 1231

I also can't get the shoutcast to work with my SliMP3 (original wired
version, firmware 2.3) but it works fine with softsqueeze (until I change
stations). I either get a server fall over, or the a brief audio 'click' and
no audio output. ... The question is should this work with the SliMP3 or is
it a squeezebox only thing?

The lack of XP detecting the service has failed is starting to annoy me, as
I have to nip to the other room to re-start the service :-<

I haven't tried v5.1.3, as my box has been off-line whilst I re-wired the
house. (BTW .. Shame the SliMP3 isn't Power-Over-Ethernet, anyone tried a
mod yet?)