View Full Version : Goes on for ever

2008-12-17, 14:28
Today I was closing the house down to go away for a few days. The SB in the lounge was playing a radio station as closed down the study PC that runs Squeezecentre. I expected the radio to stop - it carried on - ah, a buffer, I thought; but a few minutes later the radio was still playing.

Is SB clever enough to switch to Squeezenetwork for radio if it looses the server?

2008-12-17, 14:40
If you don't do proxied streaming via your squeezecenter all SC do is direct the player to the correct stream or so i think.
So control is trough SC but the stream itself is going to direct to the SB.
If you use proxied streaming it goes trough the SC.
If you synchronize two players, streaming is always proxied via SC

it will probably work as long as no interaction with SC is needed or so