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2008-12-17, 14:04
I am soon to receive my nice shiny Transporter here in good old UK. At the present time my PC is not networked at all, its just connected to the internet via my broadband modem. Will it be possible to connect my transporter to the spare ethernet socket on the pc and listen to my FLAC files stored there, or do I HAVE to set up some kind of home network/router system. Any replies much appreciated.

Also, does anyone have any observations regarding the comparative sound quality when using the tp connected wirelessly/wired to connect to the hard drive. I am using a fairly high end audio system here.

2008-12-17, 15:11
You can connect the TP directly to your PC. If neither the TP nor the PC have an auto-sensing ethernet port you will have to use a crossover cable instead of a standard ethernet patch cord. I don't know if the TP is auto-sensing or not, but someone else will. You will probably have to do some form of network configuration on your pc to set up your "mini network" of pc + tp.

Whether the connection is wired or wireless should have no effect on the audio quality. Bits are bits. Any difference experienced is generally not subtle, but takes the form of drop-outs when the wifi network isn't up to the task.

More important than wireless/wifi is the location of your pc. Is it going to be in your listening room? Unless you have a completely silent pc, the fan noise and hard disk noise could be bothersome, and I suggest locating the pc well out of earshot.

2008-12-17, 17:51
The TP network port is not auto-sensing, but most ports found on PCs are so you may well get away without a crossover. You'll need to make sure the interface is enabled, and set manual IPs for both the PC (on that interface) and the TP. If you want to access internet radio or SqueezeNetwork you'll need to bridge the two network connections together as otherwise the TP won't be able to see the outside world.

2008-12-18, 12:50
Thanks for your helpful replies, hope to soon have my hands on the hardware and then will see what can be done here.

2008-12-21, 19:33
If it doesn't work once you try it, all you need is a "hub" and some patch cables. I'm not sure that they even sell hubs anymore, if not, a "switch" will surely do what you need. A small switch and some patch cables should be inexpensive, probably under $30.