View Full Version : Double Art Work Showing

2008-12-17, 13:47
Hi All,

Just wondering if any body can help my Duet is pulling the information for my music from my Itunes on my computer. I must have several hundred albums on my system now but the problem i am having is some of the albums are showing twice with artcover in my menu on my albums on the duet remote.

To give you an example i have the lattest double album on itunes of Simply Red 25 tracks in total i have renamed all the tracks and removed the Track number to combine them into one complete album.

This hasnt worked and is still showing 2 albums on the duet i presume disc 1 and disc 2 any ideas were i can combine them both together to show as 1 complete album on the duet remote. Also if anybody knows the best place to recover all track information as some of my MP3 albums have missing information.