View Full Version : Concern after controller update

2008-12-17, 13:14
Hello, I'm a new user of SB Duet.

I started mine last saturday and it works fine.
But today after an update I've got two main concerns
1) the button to increase volume doesnt't work
but possible to reduce with the other button and possible to increase with wheel
The factory test doesn't recognize the button :(

2) The button + stop also, I can't add any songs in my favorite's list.

I'm sure all works before update.

Some of you have concern's like that?
thanks for your help

My config
SB Duet wired
SC 7.2 - 22900 on synology
controller 7.2r3191

2008-12-17, 13:53
Try and reset back to factory condition and start again go to settings, Advanced and scroll to the bottom of the menu.

Is there a possibility you are controlling everything wirlessly when you updates your controller that the signal dipped and the remote didnt receive the full update?

It worth trying it only reverts your controller back to how you received it when you took it out of the box.

Thanks Brijus123