View Full Version : Fast Fwd key behaviour

2008-12-16, 15:34

I'm on 7.3 and the controller's Fast Forward behaviour vs the SB3 is puzzling me.

On my SB3, a brief press of the Fwd key skips to the next track. Holding the key results in a silent track seek forward with a progress bar displayed. This is the functionality that I expected.

However on the controller, a brief press of Fwd skips back to the start of the current track (just like the Rewind key). Holding the key down results in a Progress bar being displayed but there's no seek behaviour.

Is this normal for the controller and if so why the difference in player behaviours?

(The Duet User Guide has no details of what the Fwd/Rew keys actually do and the Controller wiki seems to be just a system architecture schematic)

2008-12-16, 22:01
On my controller, if I hold down the FF button, a screen appears at the bottom saying "Song Position". I can then use the wheel to dial in to the position in the track silently.

2008-12-17, 07:59
Also, once the screen appears, you can hold fwd/rev to get motion. Its more effective for long excursions.

2008-12-17, 14:00
I didn't realise the wheel could be used.
I still find it rather odd though that you have to press Fwd again when just holding it down on the SB is sufficient to seek forward.

Also I just tried briefly pressing Fwd again and now it skips to the next track. It definitely doesn't do this all the time though, which is frustrating.