View Full Version : Pandora stream issue or Duet?

2008-12-16, 09:19
For last couple days when listening to Pandora stations (different stations) playback is fine to a point... then seemingly randomly a track ends... no more audio... The "Now Playing" screen shows the last track that was playing, and the play clock timer continues to increment.

The top of my remote seems to cyle between "OFF" and "Now Playing"

I've let this sit like this for as long as an hour with no resume of audio.

If I press the "skip" ahead arrow, Pandora buffers and I get the next track.

I'm trying to determine if this is the stream or my device. Anyone else experience these symptoms?

2008-12-16, 09:37
I had this problem a few times on Monday after upgrading to 7.3. May have experienced it from time to time with 7.2 as well.

Matt Wise
2008-12-16, 11:34
I had this problem a few times on Monday after upgrading to 7.3. May have experienced it from time to time with 7.2 as well.

I see this problem fairly regularly ... seems to happen more at night (PST). I assumed it was a Pandora network issue...

2008-12-16, 12:18
I have the exact same problem.

Used SN only most of the day on Saturday, everything worked perfectly for two different Duets. Today, both play 1-2 tracks and then go mute. I made sure the software was updated on the remote but nothing has changed.

I've compared the track info on SN on my computer to the track info on the remote and they don't match. When this happens SN on my computer shows a new track while the remote is stuck on the old track. When I hit skip on the remote, a completely different 3rd track then shows on both.

If it was a Pandora issue, wouldn't it appear if you were streaming Pandora just through your computer with no SN involved? Have you or anyone tested that?

2008-12-16, 13:30
I've now been playing Pandora on my laptop for over an hour straight with no hiccups.

Does this mean it is a SqueezeNetwork issue?

2008-12-16, 15:22
I've sent a message to Tech Support but don't expect a quick response.

Since the hourly skip rate for Pandora can be quickly exceeded, some attention would be nice.

2008-12-16, 16:33

I did the same and listened to Pandora on my PC for at least 3 hours without a single glitch. Your additional test of matching up the SB and the PC was interesting... I did not think to do that.

Initially I was pretty sure that this would turn out to be a Pandora streaming issue but now not so sure.

2008-12-17, 07:14
I would classify the problem as "chronic" at this point.
It only happens with the Duet. PC based streaming is perfectly fine.
This AM I actually did a factory reset on my controller, have perfect communications to my wireless network controlling my wired SB3.
(SNR is 50 or highrer, Tx rate is 54 Mb/s)

I picked one of my stations. Played one track. Silence. Had to fast forward to get next track.

The only odd thing I see on my controller is that my SB3 graphic is a Transporter and not an SB3 classic. I'm assuming this is just a cosmetic issue, but still wonder why my controller would think I am controlling a Transporter. (I'm speaking of the graphic founder under "Choose Player"... my other Sb3 is shown as an SB3 and not a transporter FWIW)

2008-12-17, 12:44
Continuing problems today which means the Holiday social scene here will be sans music.

Nothing from Tech Support, have you submitted a ticket also?

I've seen flashes of error messages that disappear too quickly to read the numbers but they have said "Bad Request" or "Forbidden" on multiple stations. I haven't tested all my Pandora stations, but those that I have act the same way.

2008-12-17, 12:49
I wonder if this is the same problem.


2008-12-17, 14:44
I'm having the same issues, almost exactly as described by Propup's original post... only difference is that I am streaming Rhapsody. It's really starting to be obnoxious, so I hope a solution is found soon.

2008-12-17, 21:35
I opened a support ticket earlier today on this issue.

2008-12-17, 22:19
At least we now know that Tech Support is looking into it.


2008-12-18, 17:50
There is another thread which seems to describe the same problem, which the Logitech guys seem to have acknowledged as something they're working with Pandora on:


2008-12-19, 07:23
Per support, I have updated my SqueezeCenter to latest 7.3.1 nightly.
I'll report back any related findings.

2008-12-19, 07:53
For me, the issue with Pandora manifests itself as my Transporter/Squeezeboxes stopping the playing of a song near its end and the message 'Stream interrupted - skipping to next track' appearing on the display. Moreover, these count as actual Pandora 'skips' such that it uses up my allowance of hourly skips.

Very odd...


2008-12-19, 08:26
I've had the same problem streaming from Deezer

2008-12-20, 11:23
I am having an identical problem after upgrading. I upgraded to Squeezecenter 7.3 on my ReadyNas Duo. After this the Duet indicated that an upgrade was available for it as well. I allowed the upgrade to occur and started to receive the same error as stated here. More specifically, after selecting Pandora and selecting the station to play, the system will play 1 or 2 or 22 or what seems to be a random number of songs and then just stop. I do not get this problem when I work directly off my server. I investigated and have found the following whenever I can catch the errors: (1) http: Bad Request (something else follows this but it is too fast for me to capture) (2) http: Forbidden (Again something follows this but I have not been able to capture it). The current song will play to completion and then the time remaining starts counting from --59:59 and the screen is now frozen. I can skip the "track" and things start again or I can back out and select "Play this station" and things start again. Any help here would be appreciated.

2008-12-22, 10:12
Couldn't say it more exactly... except I'm using Rhapsody... still having issues...

Mike D1
2008-12-22, 10:57
I noticed it several times this weekend as well. Never happened before Friday, the day I updated to 7.3 . . . .

2009-01-13, 17:44
I'm having the same problems as mperry58. Did anyone figured this one out? Any help is highly appreciated.