View Full Version : Podcasts - 7.3 problems

2008-12-16, 08:56
Just upgraded to 7.3. Especially love the ability to use the remote as a player and the supertimesaver plugin.

However, I am having trouble with podcasts listed on the Duet-Squeezenetwork. I can't connect to Odeo or the other prelisted podcast sites. Keep getting a timeout reading. I figure it's a bug that will be resolved soon enough.

On Odeo, I wonder if users will be given a search tool to peruse the site. My wife really wants to listen to Diane Rehm's show on Duet, but the regular feed on NPR doesnt work on Duet (I've tried a number of ways to get it to work). I was able, however, to find the right feed to the latest Rehm shows on Odeo's own website using its search function.

Problem is, I can't connect to Odeo, for one thing, and there's no way to search for shows specifically by name, at least none that I can see.

PS: Forgot to mention. When I try to connect to some of the prelisted podcasts, the remote automically shuts down and restarts.

2008-12-16, 09:50
I also have the same problems connecting to Odeo, while all the rest of the podcasts are working ok. I hope the devs will check it out.