View Full Version : server died on shoutcast plugin (5.1.5)

Tim Long
2004-04-23, 07:34
Actually I would like to make a general comment on the server dying. It
happens all too frequently under Windows when running as a service and
this Shoutcast thing is a perfect example. This is the thing - the way
in which it dies somehow prevents the windows 'high availability' stuff
from restarting it. Maybe you guys are dying too cleanly?

Normally if a windows service crashes, the service control manager (SCM)
will recognize the crash and automatically restart it after a
user-configured time. SCM can optionally reboot the server if a service
persistently crashes. However this does not work for the SlimServer
service. I can't explain why. If a service is stopped manually by the
user, then SCM intelligently does not try to restart the service, so SCM
must know the difference between a crash and a user-initiated action. I
do not know how it tells the difference, but what I do know is that it
never tries to restart the SlimServer, which is a bit of a nuisance. Any
chance of investigating this?

Tim Long


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My 5.1.5 slim server (on Linux 7.2) died when using the
shoutcast plugin.

from the logs:
Can't create /usr/local/slimserver/.shoutcastbrowser.recent:
Permission denied at Plugins/ShoutcastBrowser.pm line 1272

Fix is easy as it is a permissions problem but:
1) server shouldn't die on a permissions problem
2) shoud this file be written in the slim root? I would expect
it in the playlist folder.