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2008-12-14, 21:05
I just purchase a SB Duet and successfully configured it to use my pre-existing Rhapsody account. The SB Controller correctly showed my pre-existing playlists, as well as the handful of albums and tracks I had placed in the My Library of the online Rhapsody. Last night, while enjoying the new SB Duet, I found and added a few new albums to "My Library" via the Controller, which I checked on my laptop and found had all faithfully appeared in my online Rhapsody account as well. Very nifty!

Here's the problem: this morning I woke up, having left the controller ON all night in its cradle, and found the Controller's Rhapsody "My Library" listing of Artists and Albums jammed packed with unwanted stuff. Under the "New Music" tab, all the new stuff is listed there too. It looks like the Controller went looking (or did I do something?) into some Rhapsody playlists I had downloaded months ago but never looked at, and added all the zillions of artists and albums in those playlists to "My Library." Oddly, the online Rhapsody shows no such change - it correctly reflects only the albums and artists I had previously put into my Rhapsody "My Library" along with the few I added last night. If I did something last night without realizing that would cause the Controller to do this, please let me know what it could be. (Today I deleted all those unused playlists from my online Rhapsody account.)

If my online Rhapsody had been affected by what the Controller did and also added all that stuff to my online My Library, it would be simple to clean it all up. But my online account does not reflect the additions to My Library online that appeared in my Controller's Rhapsody My Library.

It is a real pain to delete them one by one in the Controller, and worse, some of the albums listed, when selected, show "no content found for this request," and don't even give me the chance to delete them. Any ideas on how to bulk delete this stuff, and how to delete the ones with "no content," would be appreciated.

Also, is there a way to force the Controller's "My Libary" to sync itself with my online Rhapsody "My Library?" If so, that might be the best way to fix this.

Finally, how do I keep the Controller from doing this again? Thanks for your help.

2008-12-14, 22:21
This sounds really strange, I don't understand how the My Library section could show you something different than you see on their website or with their PC app. Can you PM or email me your SN account email address?

2008-12-15, 20:27
Sent you my email address earlier today. Thanks for the help.

2008-12-16, 00:03
While waiting for any suggestions, I've tried the following:
1. Did a factory reset on the Controller - no help
2. Started up SqueezeCenter on my laptop, selected Settings-Plugins, and deselected the Rhapsody plugin, shut down SqueezeCenter. Then enabled Rhapsody plugin again. No help, all oddball albums still listed in My Library.
3. In SqueezeCenter, selected Rhapsody from the pull-down list under Music Services, selected My Library - Albums, and tried various ways to delete the unwanted albums from the list. No luck.
4. Right-clicked on one of the bad albums, selected Properties, and found a URL listed. Tried backing off the end of the URL and found I was backtracking in SqueezeCenter. No way to use this to somehow get to the place where this list of albums is stored that I could find.

I'm out of ideas. How do I get to this bad list of Albums? Where is it stored?? Again, my online Rhapsody going through the Rhapsody program shows only the albums I have entered in the past. I think the toxic list is stored somewhere in SqueezeCenter, but I can't figure out how to get to it. Any help is appreciated.

2008-12-16, 07:09
Did you get my message? Your library looks fine to me, and is the same on rhapsody.com as you see on your SB.

2008-12-16, 09:40
As a new guy, I did not realize there was a way for you to send me a message other than through this thread or my email address. With your prompting, I found it. In your PM, you used the phrase "rhapsody.com." I've used Rhapsody for many years, but always through its software. On a hunch, I went to rhapsody.com, found a sign-in option I wasn't aware of, signed-in and indeed found hundreds of artists listed under My Library. Called Rhapsody tech support and they had a quick fix: run dbclient.exe, a utility in the Rhapsody software directory. After running that, my Rhapsody software was synched with the rhapsody.com database (which SB uses too). Once that was done, it was easy to bulk-erase all the bad artists and albums listed from within my laptop's Rhapsody program.

The tech had no idea how they got out of sync. But at least now I know how to fix it if it happens again (it still bothers me a bit that the Rhapsody tech had no explanation, so if it keeps happening there will be another problem to solve). And it was not a bug or problem with SB.

Thanks a lot for your help -- your tips and clues made it possible for me to zero in on the problem.

2008-12-16, 09:41
Great I'm glad you got it fixed.

2008-12-16, 14:14
A quick and final follow up -- as it turns out, the rhapsody.com "My Library" feature acts like a sponge, and adds to My Library any playlist, radio channel, track or album you touch or look at. This is quite different from Rhapsody software that many of us have used for years, where "My Library" contains only tracks and albums you intentionally put there. Since SB uses the online rhapsody.com version of My Library, there will always be a lot more tracks than should be there (making it unusable for people like me). The only solution at this time is to set up playlists, which don't become corrupted with hosts of unwanted tracks and albums. Rhapsody tech support says the website is not as mature as the software, but that one day the online My Library may become as useful as the client/software feature is. For now, this whole issue turns out not to be a bug on the part of SB or Rhapsody, it's just a lack of functionality at the rhapsody.com website's My Library feature at this time. I'm not complaining - if Rhapsody had not at least made its database accessible online, then SB would not be able to use it at all, and that would make SB not nearly as amazing as it seems to me now. So we've got significant progress, with hopes of even better to come.

2009-09-05, 11:06
Playlist drawback: The only way I'm able to get continuous play with my rhapsody playlists is by choosing to 'play all'. If I scroll ahead to a song i want to play, i can either have the song repeated or played just one time. But either way there is no continuous playback and the next song will never play. Choosing to 'play all' is cumbersome if you have a 100 songs in your playlist and you want to hear the last ten songs. And manually hitting play after every song is a joke!

Any way around this? I don't see any setting to be changed . .

Please and thanks