View Full Version : Problems: Sirius, Sq Netwk as Source, Phones

2008-12-14, 20:03
My new SB Duet is an impressive product; it does a lot well. I'm an experienced computer user, but my general assessment is it's not quite ready for the mass market. As of now, it's best suited for technophiles with infinite patience.

Basic setup went well, as did the updates to software and firmware, but over the weekend I've been frustrated with unexpected and unexplained behaviors and seeming dead ends. The learning curve is steep, and a detailed user manual is sorely needed (yes, I have the pdf user guide), as is error trapping with meaningful messages in the firmware and software.

Besides the general frustration, I've been unable to resolve three problems, unfortunately involving features really important to me:

1. I can't log in to Sirius on the Squeeze Network. The error message is "Invalid username or password (account is not active)." Of course, the account IS active, with premium Internet access. Sirius says it's not their problem, since I can log in to Sirius directly with the same user name. I have reported this to Logitech.

2. Setting up the controller as a player seemed to go smoothly, but the Squeeze Network is not showing up as a music source, even though the controller does show up as a player on the Squeeze Network. A factory reset did not help. The Network does show up as a source for my Squeezebox receiver. It does not show as a source for the SoftSqueeze player, but I don't know if this is by design.

3. Actually, #2 above is not crucial right now, because, as others have reported, my earphones don't work in the controller. (Music does sound remarkably OK through the tiny speaker.) I've tried two admittedly cheap sets, and seated them well in the jack. Can anyone explain why the Duet seems so finicky as to earphones?

I'd appreciate other users' thoughts, or experiences with similar problems. I'll post again if I learn anything from tech support.

Dell Dimension 8400, WinXP SP3, Comodo firewall
Netgear WGR614 wireless router
SqueezeCenter Version: 7.3 - 24282
Duet firmware 7.3 r3476