View Full Version : No Sound from Duet and Boom

2008-12-14, 09:40
Suddenly while listening to music this morning, the sound went out on both my Boom and Duet which were synchronized with the 7.3 upgrade since yesterday.

I have rebooted the server computer and Squeezecenter appears to be working normally (Vista SP1 with Windows firewall)

The display on both the Boom and the Duet remote both indicate that music should be playing (time ticking off the track, volume control adjusts, CD art displayed, etc.) but there is NO SOUND from either.

I rebooted the router too (Linksys WRT54GL running the Tomato firmware).

I even de-synchronized the players. No happiness there either.

I will be music-LESS until someone gives me an idea of what to do.

Thanks and Happy Holidays.

Austin TX

2008-12-14, 09:51
I unplugged the Duet receiver and plugged it back in. I was then able to start the music up.

I then tried the Boom. There was no sound until I unplugged it and plugged it back in.

Although I now have then de-synced, at least I have music.

Any theories or fixes? Should I grab the latest build of firmware? Anyone else seeing this behavior.

It was truly painful to lose the music.


2008-12-14, 10:02
Make sure you don't have an obsolete syncoptions plugin - or for that matter any obsolete plugins.

2008-12-14, 10:03
I am plugin-less.

Zero. Nada.

Pretty basic setup.