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2008-12-14, 04:30
Dear All,

I'm going stir crazy. Everything was fine until 7.2 or so. Now I'm

7.3 SC

In Squeezenetwork, I cannot see last.fm at all. In SC, I see the option, but cannot enter a new artist. When playing from the web interface, the timer progresses, but there is no sound.

I have tried everything. Entered and re-entered my username and password both through SN and SC.

I am NOT in a bonafide country, but I thought that was old news.

I have squeezescrobbler installed. When playing from library it broadcasts the track list to my lastfm profile just fine. Plays radio and library tunes no problem at all.

I'm going mad here because it was working fine, and ugrades, for me, have been a substantial downgrade. 99.9% of my listening is last.fm and no I have no options left (cept of course for amplifying the computer directly which negates the value of SB, of course).

Please, please help. To be honest I'm confused about what one does with the old plugings now that 7.2+ is supposed to play last.fm happily out of the box.

I have posted in other threads with no response.

India via Australia via France via Australia

2008-12-14, 11:17
Hi Dingo,

Its probably me, I tried 7.2.1, complete nightmare.
Re-installed 7.1 everthing fine again, not gonna look at 7.3 until I see some positive feedback.

I think this whole Squeeze thing is quite experimental and is, to some extent reliant on customer feedback.

Not criticising though, we get a helluvalot for little money. We would have to pay big bucks for a similar system from a named manufacturer.

2008-12-14, 20:14
Hi Tim, thanks for the response. I was looking mostly for a 'i guess it's not just me' - but I don't get why there are not more people advising of this issue in later releases. Maybe they know something we don't?

I fully agree with your last remarks. That's why I'm really trying hard both to fix it, and to learn in the process. That is half the fun, I guess, until I don't get my last.fm hit!

Can you please tell me where I can download a 7.1 release. I have searched in vain - and didn't, foolishly, save the exe back in the day.

Maybe I could ask you to email or pando or similar offsite, if no-one comes forth with a link (is that over the boundary of forum protocol?)

2008-12-14, 22:30
I don't know about others, but I could not understand from your message whether you were trying to use the official last FM plugin or the third-party one.

All I can say is I am using the unofficial (third party) Last.FM plugin and it scrobbles for me in 7.3. I have not tried to play last.fm stations in a while so I'm not sure if that is still working or not.

2008-12-14, 22:49
Oh, sorry, yes. I should be more clear.

It scrobbles just fine - no worries there. Specifically I cannot actually play any last.fm any longer. It does not appear in the SN menu anywhere, and fails to connect in the SC menu.

To be honest I'm not even sure where the official plugin is supposed to appear. But it doesn't, for some reason.

When I had 7.2, it was appearing, but the option to enter a new artist directly into the SB rather than the web interface had gone.

I can't seem to get a straight answer here, so I'm really grateful for your response.

Another approach would be to state my wishlist - all of which I had before:

Can use last.fm directly from SN.
Can enter artist or song directly in SB (while in SN)

That's all I'm asking. Scrobbling is nifty but not the real power of Last.fm, which I'm totally missing!

Thanks for your help. I'm still keen to get a version of 7.1 to reinstall and see if everything reverts to the good old days. Notwithstanding this, I don't see any huge improvements of 7.3, with the greatest respect to both those who do and the hard working developers.

2008-12-14, 23:44
Another approach would be to state my wishlist - all of which I had before:

Can use last.fm directly from SN.
Can enter artist or song directly in SB (while in SN)

If you install SC 7.1 on your machine, it will have zero impact on the software used when you are logged into SN... since SN doesnt run on your machine.

That said, you can install old versions if you want: http://downloads.slimdevices.com/

Hardly hiding.

Just don't expect to have any effect on SN by installing software on your machine. The whole point of SN is that you don't need your machine to even be online.

2008-12-15, 00:15
Thanks for the reminder. Naturally that is obvious - there are 2 distinct issues at play here. Last.fm is not appearing in the SN menu. This was not the case until recently, hence the 'other issues' asides from 7.2+ alone.

These are, as you point out, an issue with SN *OR* with the way firmware is reading it. I doubt the latter, but have no idea how to sort out the former.

Doesn't explain the SC issue, though, so clearly I'm confused. I'm grateful for your link. Why on earth google didn't index that, I have no idea.

I would love it if someone either said that the first poster and I are not alone, or in the alternative that I have just misconfigured 7.3 and to offer a solution to same.


2008-12-15, 08:43
Okay now I'm going stir crazy.

7.3 deleted. Reinstalled 7.1. No difference.

Please, can someone take me on as a charity case and walk me through all this. Reading around I'm really not alone, but I still don't see a simple answer. I do NOT subscribe to the angry rants that pay out the hard working developers for messing things up - I am prepared to accept that 'its me' - but I would like to know how to learn to fix this up for myself.

I'm reluctant, if tempted, to do a factory reset and come back to SB3 again.

Can any readers please tell me categorically if I *should* be able to use last.fm via BOTH SN and SC from a non bonafide country (India)?



2008-12-15, 08:50
My understanding is that if you want to use Last.fm outside UK/US/DE, you need to use the third party SqueezeScrobbler (formerly Slimscrobbler) plugin for playback (requires SC to be running), not the built-in Last.fm official plugin which is available on SN.

It's always been that way, although some people have reported the official plugin works for them even though they are not in an official country (maybe you were one of these?), but this appears to be the exception not the rule. It may be that the recent SN upgrade has tightened up on the country restrictions (no idea, just a guess) but that is unconnected to 7.3 AFAIK.

2008-12-15, 09:05
Hi there,

That was my understanding too. And it worked - what I didnt know is that maybe I was just lucky to get SN to work here. Wow, that's a bummer. I recall the woots of joy in July when it all came together. Now I am colonopenbracket+

Would you help me still further by explaining to me how, in SC7.3, one knows when one is using the official or the 3rd party software. Forgive me if that's the silliest question this decade, but it didn't seem obvious to me. All I know is that the place to insert a new artist directly on the SB3 disappeared with, I think, 7.2 or 3. I was not diligent in observing the difference.

If SN has really tightened the screws, I'm in a total bind, since Rhapsody and slacker won't work either, and I favour Last.fm anyway.

Ah man, this totally bites. If I have to listen to Hindi music I cannot be held accountable for my actions. Have you seen 'Falling Down'?

2008-12-15, 09:34
Did you see the PM I sent you as well?

2008-12-15, 09:52
Yes, I did, thankyou. It's always nice to talk about India and Australia - thanks for the link to the site!


2008-12-16, 10:18
Hi Dingo,
Have you got it working yet? Out of curiousity I signed up to Last.fm, I might have to ask my own question, I cant get a thing out of it.

2008-12-16, 23:10
Hi timbo,

Yes, I found *a* solution. It's not the ideal one. I don't know how robust it will be, but for now it's working (at the expense of other functionality - and god only knows how I'm going to manage integrating a duet into the system). Why can't it just work :(

Do you mean you don't get anything out of it through a browser, or through your system. The most likely cause of a problem in your system (supposing you are US based) is that you haven't 'allowed' your SB functionality from within your Last.FM profile. This is done through

your profile>edit>applications.

The links are not prominent, search and ye shall find.

Last.FM is fantastic, but probably not for happy pandora or rhapsody users. The benefit for me is that I can use it. I was a Pandora man through and through til the goons shut it down.

You'll also need to install squeezescrobbler if you want to record the tracks you listen to the be recorded to your profile. 7.3 has a built in solution but I can't work it out - my solution involves moving backwards a few releases.

And, watch the angrier and smarter types shoot me down for this one: SN via SB *ABSOLUTELY* behaves differently depending on what version of SC one has installed locally. Go figure - I sure can't, but it solved my problem anyway. Until the Duet Arrives.