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2008-12-13, 23:30
Hi all,

I am new to Squeezebox and I am currently experimenting with the SoftSqueeze with plans to buy a Squeezebox Classic soon.

Trying to stream Greek radio stations and most of them do not play. It looks like it is connecting and 'playing' but no sound. From the SqueezeCenter it shows that it is playing but from the SoftSqueeze no action.

I am wondering why they don't play and if I will have the same problem when I buy the hardware.

Your help is appreciated

I am listing a few stations below as an FYI

Skai 100.3
File Format: Windows Media
Bitrate: 32kbps CBR (Converted to 705.6kbps ABR)
URL: http://opml.radiotime.com/StationPlaylist.axd?stationId=24726&username=nick26&PartnerId=16

Sfera 102.2
File Format: Windows Media
Bitrate: 32kbps CBR (Converted to 705.6kbps ABR)
URL: http://opml.radiotime.com/StationPlaylist.axd?stationId=16351&username=nick26&PartnerId=16

This one in comparison plays fine

Sok FM 104.8
Bitrate: 80kbps CBR
URL: http://opml.radiotime.com/StationPlaylist.axd?stationId=78188&Formats=mp3,wma,real&username=nick26&PartnerId=16

2008-12-17, 11:28
I'm having the same types of problems in Canada. The streaming radio is very hit-or-miss it seems.???

2008-12-17, 14:14
Radiotime doesn't seem to do a great job of keeping current with changing radio station stream URLs. It's a tough job, though. There are a lot of stations out there, and the URLs constantly change for some reason. I try to keep track of just a handful of local stations and it's rare that I have them all working.

IMO, streaming radio in general is extremely hit or miss.