View Full Version : How do I change the time????

2008-12-13, 14:40
Hi, I have the incorrect time displayed on my Duet controller.

I have spent ages going through menus on both the controller and the squeezecentre but cant find the option to change the time.

Am I missing something very obvious? Any direction would be gratefully received!


2008-12-13, 15:00
Squeezecenter (and hence the Controller) takes the time from your server - so should be in sync - what hardware are you running Squeezecenter on? If it's not - try rebooting the Controller (take the battery out) - any improvement?

If the problem is when you are connected to Squeezenetwork - look at your location settings in SN (although this should be detected automatically).

2008-12-13, 15:17
Hi, I am running a QNAP TS 209 NAS server.

I will check the time on the server as I have aleady taken the batteries out of the controller.



2008-12-13, 15:38
I don't run a QNAP, but there have been posts in the past with similar issues (although normally around daylight saving time). Have you taken a look at the QNAP admin pages (via the web interface IIRC) - look at things like location settings?

2008-12-13, 15:56
Exactly how is the time "incorrect". Is it an obvious time/zone or DST error (wrong hour) or something else?

I don't know anything about your system. But I do know that linux needs updating of its timezone files each time the law changes.