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2008-12-13, 09:01
hi all....newbie here
the problem i have is i use itunes for my duet remote...all the albums in itunes are in order with covers etc......but on my duet screen it will show multi album covers for each album ie: rock power hits shows each song seperate with the cover so i have 30 rock power hits albums on my duet instead of one...hope this makes sense
any help
regards rolling

2008-12-13, 10:42
I have the same for some albums, even though my MP3 collection is well-organised and well-tagged. I suspect that it's something to do with slight variations in the tagging, though I'm unable to find the differences. In one or two cases, I can see in SqueezeCenter that an album name has a "(disk 1)" suffix, but that's not in either the MP3 ID3v1 or ID3v2 tags, so I've not yet discovered where it's coming from. I suspect that when I do, the problem will be fixed.


2008-12-13, 21:27
hi karl thanks for the reply....i dont know what tagging is m8t or how you change it etc...regards..rolling