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Kevin Hawkins
2004-04-22, 10:22
The software rocks but when you partner it with the hardware player it truly
'rock and rolls'.

The Slim players are the 'appliances' that makes this accessible to
everyone, including the rest of your family and friends, releasing it from a
techie solution to an end user offering. It provides obviously a remote
display and IR control as well as digital audio out. Several players can be
used to allow multi room operation in both an individual and synched mode
plus there is an immediate responsiveness - something that makes the user
feel he's using a typical piece of HiFi - they change tracks and the music
changes, from your armchair. Several software players have buffers which
cause problems, and the remote track selection is always via the browser.

Plus the company that created SlimServer gets its reward from player sales
and I for one am more than happy to reward them ongoingly for that even
though the software has many more people involved in its maturity now. Do
you need a Slim Device ? - too right you do, it ensures the softwares future
and nicely demonstrates how poweful technolgy can be accesible to everyone.
When you do get yours, and I know you will, you will realise what great
partners the players and software make. Get saving now !


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> Does one need a SLIM device? I've been streaming to my
> iPAQ using Slimserver software until I can scrape up 300
> bucks to buy a real slim client device. I must say, this
> product and server software rocks!
> the best I've seen so far.
> James