View Full Version : Disabled SqueezeNetwork settings sync error

Philip Meyer
2008-12-13, 03:20
I have disabled my local SC from syncing settings with SqueezeNetwork (I'd like to only sync favorite radio stations, and never the player settings, such as screensavers).

Anyway, I notice I get this in the log:

[10:17:17.4832] Slim::Networking::SimpleAsyncHTTP::onError (228) Failed to connect to http://www.squeezenetwork.com/api/v1/prefs/can_sync (500 Internal Server Error)
[10:17:17.4837] Slim::Networking::SqueezeNetwork::PrefSync::_init_ error (123) Unable to get list of prefs to sync with SqueezeNetwork, sync is disabled: 500 Internal Server Error
[10:17:17.4966] Slim::Networking::SimpleAsyncHTTP::onError (228) Failed to connect to http://www.squeezenetwork.com/api/v1/players (500 Internal Server Error)
[10:17:17.4973] Slim::Networking::SqueezeNetwork::Players::_player s_error (146) Unable to get players from SN: 500 Internal Server Error, retrying in 1500 seconds

So even though it's disabled and knows it's disabled, it still tries to connect, and then fails to sync? Is that expected?