View Full Version : Song playing order

2008-12-12, 23:28
I am running 24290 (7.3.1) on a Windows XP machine. I am running Squeezecenter with Perl. When I was running older builds from just a few weeks ago (standard skin) I could click and drag to move songs up or down in the currently playing list on the right panel in Squeezecenter. Now when I click and drag it won't let me move the songs order around. Since the standard skin doesn't have +/- to move tracks up and down in the list like the classic view does, there is no way to rearrange the song order. Is this something that changed or have I changed some setting? Thanks.

2008-12-12, 23:36
I have noticed that if I select "Hide Artwork" in the right panel, the click/drag method doesn't work and there is no way to sort the song order. However if you select "Show Artwork" click & drag works fine.