View Full Version : Great work devs!

2008-12-12, 16:10

After the updates, I must say, I'm impressed. Everything works like a charm. Many new features are great. Now (and I hope later on too), I really enjoy using this product. No crashes, no problems switching between sources. Thanks to all the devs and all others who helped improving this fw.
Job well done.

2008-12-12, 17:46
I second that!

Very nice work! Lot's of nice adds. Performance on two different installs seems faster, and definatley more reliable. No more firmware flip-flops. Added a store even! Have not tried the audio jack yet.

Love it! Kudos - Keep up the great work.

2008-12-15, 00:11
you guys have, once again, stunned me with improvements to what i already thought was a perfect gadget!!!


2008-12-15, 00:39
Hi folks,

Fully support kudos for the developers, and that the updates are slick.

However, am I the only one for whom last.fm has gone to rubble? If so I'll shuttup and go back to basics, and do me some learnings.

2008-12-15, 15:29
For me, SC 7.3 + latest Duet firmware fixes WOL from the Controller, when Controller and Receiver are in bridged mode (SBC+SBR adhoc wifi, SBR wired).

Very good; thanks.