View Full Version : Upgrade to r3476 killed my Duet?

2008-12-12, 16:01
I am not sure what went wrong, but I just upgraded SC on RHEL4 (using an alternative MySql instance) to 7.3 r3476 and now I cant get the Duet to start (light flashes red then shuts down) and the controller is in an endless loop trying to update software? It runs, verifies and on reboot starts the process all over again? Duet is connected through ethernet, I have another SB3, SB2 and SB1 on the network and two other SC servers I run. One on a Thecus N5200 and the other on a QNAP 209 I am testing/building for a friend. But I did tell the Duet to connect to my main SC server, called "penguin". Any suggestions?