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2008-12-12, 10:44
I just picked up a Dell Mini 9, pre-installed with Ubuntu. It's a pretty cool machine-- 32GB Solid State Hard Drive, full qwerty keyboard that's *almost* big enough to touch type on, SDHC slot, 1024x600 display, fully silent operation...

First thing I did was checkout and build desktop squeezeplay on it-- with the desktop skin maximized to full screen it looks remarkably good, which was surprising because the UI is not-at-all complete and it wasn't designed for that resolution.

I'm pretty geeked by this...this is kind of what I was hoping the Nokia tablet was going to deliver a few years back. For now I'm running VLC for video and it works quite well. My hope is to get the new cross-platform XBMC installed for that in the near future.

Screenshots, with ball-point pen for scale...


Howard Passman
2008-12-12, 14:49
Was wondering about this. I'm guessing the graphics will improve on SP. The UI is kind of icky right now.



2008-12-12, 17:19
I was hoping for something closer to Moose, but if the end result is a software player that syncs correctly, I'll settle for that too.

2008-12-13, 05:45
I'm pretty geeked by this...this is kind of what I was hoping the Nokia tablet was going to deliver a few years back.
So did I...

For those of you not fortunate enough to own a mini 9 but who had to settle on a macbook air, this is what it looks like on OS X.5. Don't buy an MBA only for this, it has a mono speaker...

Squeezeplay is connected here wirelessly through a bridging SSH VPN. There are some obvious issues with some fonts or image/backdrop display, but I'd say this is a pretty nice and operational beta. I can't get full screen display ? (tried command-F).
This thing is fast. I didn't bother to check but I believe it is lightweight, too.

Synching is troublesome; sometimes the mac wont play, but only the SBC it is synched with, will. Sometimes both will play, but at different positions. Sometimes both play in sync.
I would surmise a cause is that I know how to play and pause, but not how to reach the stopped state from the SqueezePlay interface. (mind this is testing over a udp tunnel, though)
Overall on a recent mac I think this app calls for mouse (trackpad) gestures. Right now a strange mix of clicking and keypresses is supported.

A great addition to SC. Thanks!

(BTW I don't know if you intend to post more about your life with the Mini 9, but I'd be interested)

2010-03-22, 02:57
I simply can't get this full screen or desktop skin to work. How do I enable it? I can only select the 4 standard skins in my Squeeze Play 7.4 (I am running Windows).

Can anybody help me please?


2010-03-22, 19:19
Please don't crosspost. Posting the same question four different SB forums in the same day is _less_ likely to yield a useful answer than posting in one forum and waiting for responses.

2010-03-23, 00:00
Okay, I'm sorry about that