View Full Version : Awkward method turning system on/off

2008-12-12, 06:58
Hi all,

After using my squeezebox I always turn of the squeezebox and afterwards the remote. I find this very awkward since starting and ending a squeezbox "session" needs 2 user handlings. Is it sufficient just to turn of the squeezebox and leave the remote on / in its energy saving state?

Beside this, does anyone know it harms the remote to always store it in the charger or is it turned off when the battery is fully charged?


2008-12-12, 14:56
I always leave my controller in the charger. I'm sure I read on here a while ago that when the battery is full it turns off charging. Mine's been like that for months and the battery seems fine still, even after using the audio playback on the Controller.

That way you don't need to bother turning the controller off and then waiting for it to startup and reconnect to the network.