View Full Version : What software to control my squeezebox?

2008-12-12, 03:06
Hi all,

Ive just bought a Samsung NC10 netbook. Im going to use this a lot sat in my lounge and listening to my squeezebox. Id like to use the netbook to control my squeezebox, whats the best way to do this, what do others use?

Is there a slicker piece of software or anything i can use instead of the web browser and various squeezecenter skins?


2008-12-12, 03:36
Hi Pudding,
You could, for instance try the Squeezeplay software. It's pretty cool and you can customize size etc. to meet your demands...

Note that it requires (i suppose, correct me if I'm wrong anyone) Squeezecenter 7.3, which is not yet officially released. However, you can download a nightly beta release and install 7.3 and Squeezeplay. I've done it and I've tried it and as I said: quite nice :-)




2008-12-12, 03:55
And you should definitely take a look at Moose...


2008-12-12, 03:58
And you should definitely take a look at Moose...
Second that! I forgot to mention Moose. That is an excellent piece of software :-)



2008-12-12, 04:00
Personally I just use the web interface.

It means I don't ahve to faf about with installing anything onto the various PCs I use.