View Full Version : NPR Holiday Stream - how to play on SB?

2008-12-11, 18:34
Can anyone tell me how to play this holiday stream from NPR?

I have the NPR plug-in, but could not find this anywhere on the menus. Tried to find the right URL but had no luck.


thanks and happy holidays


2008-12-12, 01:19
NPR went over to audio delivered by Flash last year. SB cannot play Flash audio and I think this Christmas jingle stream is only available in Flash.

NPR have a site called thin.npr.org which delivers a subset of NPR streams and programs in WMA. NPRRadio plugin uses the menus from http://thin.npr.org to get the WMA streams to play on SB. If you can find the Christmas Jingle item on http://thin.npr.org then it should be playable on SB.

2008-12-12, 04:11
Thanks for the explanation BPA. I'll poke around over the weekend