View Full Version : Controller Display Question

2008-12-10, 18:56
When my controller is out of the cradle and in the Now Playing screen, I would like the screen to stay on all the time. I listen to classical music and frequently look at the screen to see the name of the movement currently playing. It is annoying to always have to pick up the controller to get the display back. I have tried many a combination of screen and display settings, but still can't prevent the screen from going dark after a period of time. Any suggestions? I have tried using the Now Playing screen as my screen saver, but of course there is a time limit to that. Thanks.


Mark Miksis
2008-12-10, 19:10
You're right. I would expect Settings->Screen->Screen Dimming->Never to do what you want, but it doesn't. I suggest filing a bug.

2008-12-10, 21:01
I have mine set to "never", but my controller behaves a little strangely as well. When I remove it from the cradle and start playing some music then put it down, after about 30 seconds the backlight for the buttons goes off and the screen dims. After about another 30 seconds the screen turns off. If I move the controller the screen comes back on at full brightness, as well as the button backlights, and stays on. Seems to me at least the button lights should turn off to reduce battery consumption. If I leave the controller in the cradle when I start playing music then the screen just stays on from the beginning and never dims/goes dark. I have "now playing" set as screensaver and, as metioned, dimming set to "never".

edit: Just noticed my issue was a bug corrected in 7.3