View Full Version : 5.1.5 still can't quite figure out WMA to MP3 on Fedora

Pat Farrell
2004-04-21, 22:35
5.1.5 went in easy, and I've got WMA to wav to my SqueezeBox working great
Very cool.

But I don't have WMA to MP3 working for spooling to WinAmp.

Seems to me, that I should be able to run the WMA thru FFMPEG
and then put that thru lame. Yeah, transcoding lossy, but hey, it
should work, and if I want great fidelity, I can go down to the main
stereo, or re-rip the tunes.

I don't claim to grok all the switches, but it seems that something like

[ffmpeg] -v 0 -i $FILE$ -f wav - | [lame] --silent -q 9 -b $BITRATE$ - -

Should work. Anybody got any suggestions?