View Full Version : Can I use the Controller and classic remote with SB3 interchangeably?

Rick B.
2008-12-10, 06:39
I have an SB3. If I upgrade to Squeezecenter and purchase a Controller can I freely use whichever remote does the task I want to do best?

E.g., can I use Lazy Search with the classic and then immediately use the Controller for other functions like play, skip track, etc.? Thanks.

2008-12-10, 07:26
Yes you can. Both can control the same SB at the same time.
(and you can use the Web interface, and iPeng, and, and...)

2008-12-10, 07:29

yes you can -

but keep in mind there are some(*) tasks you'll require the classic remote.

I sometimes use all three control channels (web, remote & SBC) almost simultaneously without problems. Most "single-click" actions (pause, play, next, prev, etc.) have _no_ timing problem and are propagated throughout the system immediately.
A few other actions (seeking through a song, loading a new playlist) executed on the WebUI or the classic remote will take a few seconds until the controller is been updated with this information.

(*). e.g. firmware upgrades of the SB3 require "press&hold brightness" (unless you configured it to do auto upgrades) and some functions and plugins (like the lazysearch you mentioned) are available through the Player-UI only and therefore need the classic remote for control.

kind regards,