View Full Version : SB Receiver Blue light...

Andy Gittings
2008-12-10, 03:08

I am running SC 7.2.1 (Ubuntu Server 8.10), a Boom and Receiver without controller (all set up using Robin's nifty Net::UDAP utility).

Something I've noted however: My SqueezeCenter switches off overnight, and I've noticed that the SBR's LED goes blue (indicating quite correctly that it has network connectivity, but can't see the SC). The Wireless AP also switches off, so then the LED turns yellow - correctly.

However, in the morning the WAP and SC switch back on, and the Receiver goes back to blue and stays there - not visible in the SC WebUI. What I have noted though is if I switch on the Boom via its IR remomte the SBR then connects (Dark White)...

If I simply reboot the SC the SBR goes to blue then back to dark white correctly - it seems the loss of the network may be the issue - the SBR is also using a Static IP configuration.

Why should switching the Boom on cause the SBR to connect? Is there a broadcast from the SC in this case? What does the SBR button do when it is blue? Could it not do the same a a power on from the IR remote on the SBB?

Too many questions I know... :-)