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2008-12-09, 21:15
I want to buy a NAS that will drive a Squeezebox 3 but the Pro 1 and Pro 2 versions are NZ$200 (US$95) more expensive here than the straight QNAP TS-109 I. I have read about the NFS and Windows AD Service issues but I'm not too concerned by these. I am more interested in just streaming MP3s and, particularly, in AlienBBC working well. Can someone comment please on whether AlienBBC works well now with the basic TS-109 I or whether the 256 MB RAM present in the version II/Pro II is crucial?

Many thanks.

2008-12-10, 00:59
Your main concern about AlienBBC is not memory but processor speed/power. The following are general points about ARM based NAS.

AlienBBC requires mplayer to decode RealAudio.

You need to make sure that there is a build of mplayer available for the QNAP you intend to use.

If the processor speed of QNAP is limited you may have to play RealAudio streams as WAV and not be able to transcode them into Flac or MP3. If you are using wireless, this can be a concern as it will require good quality wireless connections.

The processor power may also limit the number of SB that can be playing RealAudio at the same time and/or the number of synced players.

You should check these points with users of the specific model of QNAP you intend to buy.

2008-12-10, 01:50
Does the BBC allow streaming outside the UK ?

I use the iPlayer plugin, and the listen again service streams at 128 kbs CBR. The listen live service streams at 65 kbs CBR.

The reason for the difference, according to the BBC, is that they have to limit the bandwidth on the live streams due to demand. If this is the case then they may restrict streaming to UK based servers.

Of course I could be talking absolute rubbish - if so ignore my comments.


2008-12-10, 02:08
Outside of the UK all BBC programming (Listen again and live) is available in RealAudio format.

The higher quality MP3 format is only available in the UK - I believe it is because BBC license payers should get the better services.

The BBC "live" programs (all about 64k) are all available in RealAudio format (including regional and local radio). The WMA streams R1-R4 are not available outside of the UK.
For some streams there are UK and international versions - notably 5Live. In this case, the UK only stream is not available outside of the UK.

Some content is not available outside of the UK - typically sports commentaries from football, cricket, olympics.