View Full Version : How to List Music Folder in Date/Modified Order

2008-12-09, 02:55
Ok, new the the whole squeezebox thing and i hopefuly need a qucik fix to use this awsome peice of kit! All i would like to do is to have squeezebox list my music folder in date/Modified order. Is there any plug available?
Only reason is that i have loads of MP3z and would just like to listen to the new music that has just been added...


2008-12-09, 03:26
Not sure what you are trying to do here.

Squeezebox's New Music folder will show items in the order that they have been modified. So even if you just alter a tag on a file (unless you've configured your software otherwise) that will show up as New Music even if it has been in your collection for a while.

If you actually just want to show newly ripped/downloaded albums then the TrackStat plugin is the way to go. A bit overkill just for this purpose but it does the job.

2008-12-10, 02:06
Also the butter for my toast and the sugar on my cereal!
Good looking out, many thanks