View Full Version : AAC playback keeps breaking up

2008-12-09, 01:07
I've got a Tranquil PC WHS which I use as my music server. The majority of the music I keep on there is FLAC, which plays back through my SB3 without any problem at all.

However, I do have a few AAC files which I would like to play on my SB3. Initially when I tried to play them, they would all skip to the next track without trying to play, so I then installed QuickTime on my WHS. Now when I try and play them, they play for a few seconds, and then the playback hiccups. It's almost as if the Server doesn't have enough power to do the transcoding, but that can't use a huge amount of processor power, can it?

Can anyone think of what I might be doing wrong? I'd really rather not have to transcode all my AACs into mp3 if I can possibly avoid it.

2008-12-11, 01:04
Solved the problem thanks to info in another thread - stopped using Quicktime and used FAAD instead to do the transcoding - now all works fine!