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2008-12-08, 23:15
I've recently purchased a new computer and I have it running Windows XP SP3. Today I installed Squeezecenter 7.2.1 and have discovered that while it seems to start and run okay, I can't stop it.

Once it is running, the "stop squeezecenter" command (right click the icon in the system tray) just doesn't work. The only way I seem to be able to actually stop squeezecenter is by shutting down and restarting my computer.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled but it made no difference. I have two other PC's running XP SP3 with SC 7.2.1 and neither has this issue. Other than the physical hardware, the software setup and configurations of all three machines should be similiar.

Any suggestions ?

Mick Seymour
2008-12-11, 09:05
I don't run it under Windows so am guessing a bit here ...

If SC is run as a service, can you stop it from Services?

You might check the Event log after trying to stop it and see if anything is reported.

2008-12-11, 20:30
It wasn't running as a service but that has been my short term solution. I'm now running it as a service where I can start and stop it.

Long term, this isn't the solution I'd like. Interesting that no-one else seems to have this problem. I only found one other posting with a similiar problem and he didn't get a solution either.

2009-03-09, 17:26
I have the same problem.
SC is running on my server 24/7, so I would like it to run as a service i.e. not to have to log in to PC.
Any tips how to make it run as a service?

I found how to make it run as a service. Rebooting server at the moment.

Starting and stopping service works without problem, so I'm happy for now.

2009-03-09, 18:17
Well, stopping seems to be a problem with the svn version too: Upon CTRL+C'ing it, it usually tries to start the debugger due to some fault.