View Full Version : Controlling squeezecenter from a Nokia s60 phone

2008-12-08, 15:44
I would olike to use a Nokia mobil with wireless network to control my SqueezeCenter running on my Laptop using Windows XP. The problem is that I cannot get this to work with the instructions provided on the support page.
I am supposed to use
With servername beeing the ip address of my computer.
I can contact SC using another XP computer on my network. I can also use an older Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 2003, but only wehn I change the port used by SC to 80 instead of 9000. This does still not work with the Nokia n82.

I have not changed any security setting in my SC version 7.2. And I have disabled security on my Wireless network to make it easier to create the connection between the phone and Sc.
I have only used the Handheld skinn if it makes any difference.

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That's how I do it on my Nokia N95 (accessing SC on my ReadyNAS). Works a treat.
I have it bookmarked in my S60 browser. Just make sure the access point you use is your home WLAN, not your 3G internet access point.