View Full Version : Squeeze* devices appear in Network & Sharing Center

2008-12-08, 10:11
Why don't the Logitech Squeeze* devices appear in the Windows (Vista) Network and Sharing Center?

I have a home network with Ethernet gateway, WiFi base station and a HomePlug link (to access a WiFi dark spot) and it serves four PCs, a Transporter, a Receiver and a Controller. In Windows (Vista) Network and Sharing Center all of the PCs and comms gateway boxes show up on the network, but the Logitich devices are "invisible". Why is this? And can it be fixed?

2008-12-08, 10:20
Because they aren't network servers.

2008-12-08, 15:25
And even if they did appear (which would be pointless) you couldn't do anything with them.