View Full Version : Power Management

2008-12-07, 21:02
Question to Sqeezebox Duet Users:

Do you shut down your controller and or your receiver on a regular basis? Any advantage of disadvantage to doing either?

I have just been hitting pause and waiting for the unit to go to sleep.

2008-12-08, 03:05
I don't see any advantage in shutting them down. The power usage is minimal (3w in standby I think). I just leave my Controller in the charging cradle so it displays the clock screensaver. That way, it's always ready to use as soon as I pick it up.

You can stop playback as well as pause it. You just need to hold the pause button down for a couple of seconds.

2009-01-19, 09:58
Is there any documentation on what the power management settings on the controller do? I can't find it anywhere. I can guess, but I'd prefer so real info.