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2004-04-21, 12:34
I have the same problem. My Aiwa VCR shares the same IR codes and is in
the same corner of the room. I'm guessing that now the server receives
any IR signals pointed at it, there must be a way of getting it to
respond to other codes. It would be very useful if I could program my
multi-remote to think the SB is, say a Sony DVD player, and get the SB
to respond to those codes.


Scott Harris <scott (AT) scott-harris (DOT) org> wrote on 21.04.2004, 20:32:19:
> Hi all,
> I have a rather unique (I think) problem. My squeezebox sits right on
> top of my Zenith DVD/VCR combo player. The problem is that my
> Squeezebox remote shares the same IR signals as my DVD player. So when
> I hit the "4" button on the squeezebox remote, for instance, the tape
> ejects on the Zenith VCR. If I hit other squeezebox remote buttons,
> various events happen on the DVD player.
> I know I can disable the JVC codes for the squeezebox, but can I change
> the codes for my Squeezebox remote so that it will not conflict with the
> DVD player? (Probably not I'm guessing.)
> Scott
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